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Wired Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys

Wired Mechanical Keyboard 61 Keys

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Axis Body



Application: Desktop


Application: Tablet

Operation Style: Mechanical

Package: Yes

Style: Standard

Interface Type: USB

Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR

Keycup printing: Dye-sublimation

Full Size keyboard: Yes

Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard

Keycup material: ABS plastic

Switches Hot swap: no


Language: English



• Mechanical Operation Style :Enjoy a tactile and responsive typing experience with the mechanical operation style of this keyboard.

• RGB Lights :Customize the keyboard's backlighting with a variety of colors and effects to suit your personal style.

• 61 Keys :Type with ease and efficiency thanks to the 61 keys on this full-size keyboard.

• Dye-sublimation Keycup Printing :The dye-sublimation printing process ensures that the keyboard's keycup design is durable and long-lasting.

Product Information

Product Features:

Ultra portable brand new 60% layout wired keyboard, ultra compact designand detachable cable, fresh style, compact 61 key, bipedal anti slip bracket.When you play intense games, the anti slip feet can firmly fix the keyboardin place, stunning RGB lighting, stunning dual side RGB luminous light bars(can be turned off) and 9 luminous light modes (can be turned off), choosingyour own prefered mode for any playback, in line with ergonomic design,Lightweight and comfortable.


Product Name:61Key Blue Axis Mechanical Keyboard

Color: black/white/pink/blue/white Black/Black White

Applicable model:universal

Type:Mechanical keyboard

Axis body:blue/red switch

Number of keys:61(keys)


Does it support plug and play:Yes

Connect to computer:type-c wired

Is there a multimedia function key:Yes

Shortcut keys:Yes

With or without hand support:No

Waterproof function:supports waterproofing

Key technology:mechanical shaft

Backlight function:seven color backlight

Do you support ergonomics:Yes


Line length:approximately 1.7m

Product size: approximately300 * 110*36mm

Packaging list:

1*Wired mechanical keyboard

1*TYPE-C cable

1* Instructions

matters needing attention

Applicable devices and interfaces

Windows 98 / ME /XP /Vista /Win7 /Win8 /Win10 / MAC /LINUX /ANDROID

Applicable equipment and interfaces

Interface compatibility:


Interface type: USB

system compatibility:

Windows 98 / ME /XP /Vista /Win7 /Win8 /Win10 / MAC /LINUX /ANDROID


1. Unpack the product, remove the ribbon of the keyboardcable, and insert the cable into the USB port of thecomputer

2. When using this keyboard for the first time, the systemmay need to install USB driver. At this time, the computerwill automatically search for and install the keyboard driver

3 .after the driver is installed, the keyboard can worknormally

4.Press the light button on the keyboard to switch to backlight. Press "FN"+"]}" to switch to Breath, Off, and Normally On.

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