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Silicone Thumbstick Grip Cap Cover

Silicone Thumbstick Grip Cap Cover

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Compatible Brand/Model: Sony

Compatible Sony Model: playstation2

Compatible Sony Model: PLAYSTATION4

Compatible Sony Model: playstation3

Compatible Sony Model: PS5

Accessories Type: Replacement Shell

Use For 1: For ps5/ps4/ps3/ps2.....

Use For 2: For xbox series x/s

Use For 3: For xbox one/ones

Use For 4: For xbox 360

Use For 5: For NS Switch pro

type: thumb grip cap

material: Soft Silicone


Smooth and washable design ensures comfort and cleanliness. Protect your joystick from dust and scratches. Non-slip surface is great for providing better grip to gaming performance.

1: Enhanced Gaming Experience with Gaming Thumb Grips: Personalize and enhance your gaming experience with silicone thumb grip caps. With the non-slip thumb grips, you will no longer have to worry about slipping off the analog stick of your controllers.

2: Extended Thumb Grips: These thumb grip caps extend the normal length of your controller analog sticks to help with easier controls.

3: Analog Stick Protection: Help protect your : PS5/PS4/PS3、 Xbox ONE/ONES、 Xbox Series X/S、 Xbox 360、NS Switch Pro、Wii U、and Nunchuk analog sticks by adding thumb grip caps.

4: Easy to Install: No tools or wires required. Just turn the thumb caps inside-out and over the controller.



Type:Thumbstick Grip Cap

Platform: For PlayStation / Microsoft /


Package Included:

2 x Controller Thumb Grip Caps

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