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Retro Handheld Video Game Console

Retro Handheld Video Game Console

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Display Size: 4.3"


Games included: 20000

Battery Capacity[mAh]: 1500

Supporting Language: English

BOYHOM Model: M17

Category: Handheld Game Players

Games Type: Adventure Games

Screen Resolution: 480x272


• 4.3-inch IPS Screen :Enjoy a clear and immersive gaming experience with the console's 4.3-inch IPS screen.

• Open Source Linux System :The open source Linux system allows for customization and modification of the console's software and games.

• Portable Pocket Video Player :Take your gaming on-the-go with this portable pocket video player that fits easily in your pocket.

• Simplified Chinese Support :Play your favorite games in simplified Chinese with the console's support for this language.

Specification Parameter

operating system:LinuX/Eelec 4.3

simulator: Support up to 25 kinds of classic simulators for GBA/PSP/PS1/N64/SFC/and so on

processor: Quad-core cortex-a7 up to 1.2GHZZ

system memory: 2GB

storage capacity: 64GB

Display:IPS display 4.3 inches 480*272

battery: 1500MA

Hstorage: maximum support 128g( without TF card)

power supply: 5v 2AO BER)

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